Welcome to Leadcraft Limited of Hook Hampshire. We have been trading for over 15 years and have qualified staff with experience in the Project Managerment, installation and repair of 3 Layer Felt Roofing.. Covering the Southern Counties of the UK, our current projects involve covering, repairing, removing and replacing existing roofs from domestic and civic buildings, churches, new build housing and offices to high-profile renovation and restoration work.
Leadcraft Limited - Hook, Hampshire -Tel: 01256 761777 email - sales@leadcraft.net

3 Layer Felt Roofing
There are three types of felts. One is organic. ( made of paper). The other two types are fiberglass and polyester. Felts are usually saturated with bitu-men when they are made and are installed in layers, called plies. The layers are held together with bitumen. The plies are mopped together in shingle-fashion. Shingle-fashion is when felts are over-lapped, just like shingles on a house
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